14 Ways to Spend your Valentine’s Day if you are Single

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If you find yourself dreading Valentine’s Day because you are single, you are approaching the 14th of February all wrong. You don’t have to have a significant other to enjoy your day. Take the day to love yourself, your friends or even your mom.

Check out 14 things you can do to enjoy your Valentine’s day while being single.

1. Movie Night

Grab a bunch of your single girl friends, and head out to the movie theaters to watch Fifty Shades Darker. After the movie gather in someone’s living room with some wine and discuss the sexy, thrilling movie.

2. At Home Movie Night.

Not feeling going out for a movie, invite your girlfriends over for a movie night filled of the best romantic movies. Watch the classic romance movies like Titanic and The Notebook.

3. Spa Day

Love yourself and treat yourself to a spa day. Book a reservation at your nearest spa or try a DIY spa day. Wash your hair, do a face mask, do your nails, and sit in a robe while drinking a home made pina colada.

4. Shop

There is no better day than Valentine’s Day to go on a shopping spree. Treat yourself to that leather jacket you have been wanting for the past month, you deserve it.

5. Go to the gym

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to hit the gym and get a killer workout in. It will help you feel good and look good. Also who knows you may find a hottie in the gym.

6. Try a new workout class!

If you’re person that already hits the gym daily, try a new gym class. It will provide excitement for your day. Check out 17 Fitness Classes to try in 2017.

7.  Wine Night

Go out with your friends for a day wine tasting or bring wine tasting to your living room. Have your friends bring different bottles of wine and cheese and have a wine tasting in your house.

8. Treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Don’t wait for a date to take you out to that fancy restaurant. Get dressed and order that expensive meal for one.

9. Go to dinner with your mom or sibling.

Valentine’s day is about spreading love. Show love to your mother or sibling by taking them out for a nice dinner.

10. Netflix & Eat

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to binge watch a television show and eat ALOT of food.

11. Throw a Single’s Girl Party.

Why dread Valentines Day when you can celebrate you being single? Invite your friends over for a party that consists of games, drinks, and sappy romance movies

12. Hit the Town

Hit the bars and clubs with your friends and celebrate your selfishness.

13. Take a Trip

If you’re an adventurous person take the day off from work and take a trip to a nearby city. While you’re there try something new and enjoy the scenery.

14. Cook

Treat yourself with a nice home-cooked meal with a desert. Check out those recipes that you have pinned on Pinterest that you have been dying to try. Then top it off with wine for a completely relaxing night.

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