Summer Guide | How to spend 48 Hours in the Hamptons for under $80

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Hi Loves,

I know it has been awhile but I am back up and ready to update you with everything.

And yes! You read it correctly … This past weekend I went to the Hamptons!

On Friday evening, my girls and I headed to Long Island as an impromptu girls trip to celebrate my friends birthday. Let’s say we were a little inspired by Will Packer’s new box office hit “Girls Trip” featuring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett- Smith. So we packed our bags and did a mini roadtrip. We left NY about 9pm and arrived in Montauk at 11:50 to attend a private mansion party at the Select House. Let’s just say the home was beautiful (See images below). There was unlimited drinks, cool vibes, and a some many picture moments.


Spot Number 2: Am Southampton

Lets say after the first party ended we were not ready to head home, so instead we stopped by AM Southampton which was definitely a scene from a Vegas party — fake snow falling from the ceilings, the best of hip hop and everyone dancing!

It was a GREAT night!

Cost: Free

Day 2

Spot Number 1: IHop

I know what you’re all thinking — why did she go there! (lol)

We woke up in the morning  and headed to our trusted breakfast spot, IHop as I am absolutely  addicted to their pancakes (and I dare anyone to shame me, lol! )And only spending $12 for such a great meal!

I bet you wouldn’t laugh now!

I bet you’re wondering what happened to having brunch mimosas, will dont worry we definitely put our free bottles of Rose to use from the party last night and we made the best of them.

Spot Number 2: The Montauk Beach House

Now this place was a breath of fresh air and definitely the vibe you expect to get in the Hamptons! When you walk into the entrance you are surrounded by such great art in the lobby and then when you walk to the open space outdoor hotel you are met with the more summer-esque scene ever. Such an amazing day party filled with drinks flowing under the garden cabana, amazing people,  summer hotties chilling by the bar, pool babes and a tequila tasting.

Cost: Entree Free and $30 for drinks!


Spot Number 3: The Beach

The Beach was great! So much better than any other beach I normally go to in NEW YORK (lol! South Florida definitely have the best beaches in the US)

 Spot Number 4: The Lobster Roll

This place is known for their Lobster Rolls but their shrimp should NOT be overlooked! This place amazing if you love fresh seafood!

Cost: $28


 Spot Number 4: Surf Lodge

This place was popping! If you thought the Surf Lodge was just a spot for the rich kids you were wrong. At night it turns into a very trendy hip hop club and I enjoyed every minute minus the sweaty atmosphere it was so much fun!

Cost: Free

So here’s a toast to a AMAZING trip to Montauk for only $70

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