Breaking Fashion Rules: Street Style Lookbook

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When the temperature drops to the low thirties, it can be hard to get out from underneath our cozy comforters, let alone choose a fashion-forward street style look. New Yorkers bring out the all black, and though this ensemble will always be chic, it won’t turn heads.

This winter season, break fashion rules. Wear socks with sandals, mix patterns, and dare to wear white way after Labor Day.


Your dad did it that one time at Six Flags, and now it’s your turn. Make it less cringe-worthy by pairing chic ankle socks in your favorite color or pattern with a pair of luxe velvet platforms. Let your “night on the town” heels see the light of day.


Denim, velvet, and snakeskin, oh my! Break out of your comfort zone by mixing and matching any of these adventurous prints and textures in your street style look.


Slip dresses are the newest street style trend in fall and winter fashion, but as the temps begin to drop, wearing lingerie out of the house becomes more and more infeasible. Make your street style look suitable for cold winter nights by layering a sweatshirt under your favorite slip, or opt for a warmer silk pajama set (preferably monogrammed).


Whoever said wearing white after labor day is tacky obviously never heard of “winter white”. Make your street style less washed out by incorporating shades of cream or khaki into your look.

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Erin McDowell

Erin is a sophomore at Elon University. She is majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Digital Art. Her likes include Jane Austen novels, movies she’s seen a million times, traveling, and Mexican food.

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