Fresh Face Starter Pack: Top Tips For Embracing Your Natural Beauty

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Initially, the idea of embracing our natural beauty can be scary, especially if you’re grappling with skin imperfections caused by bad air quality, daily stress and hormonal imbalances. But, achieving or retaining  beautiful skin can be a loving and self fulling journey. The key to your natural beauty transition is all about re-conditiong, and having an open mind to developing a better skin care routine. Below, we’ve curated a list of simple products and easy tips that may help inspire your fresh face debut.

  1. Moisture. Utilizing moisture internally and externally are the first steps to healthier skin. Starting your day off with a full glass of water, in the morning and after every meal can make such a difference in your skin and can even improve your mood. 2.Cleanse the skin. Cleansing the face is a great way to clean and retain healthy moisture levels throughout your skin. Use Burt’s Bees Orange Oil Cleanser in the morning or at night to remove makeup without over drying your skin.

3. Oils. Using essential oils for the skin is key to combating dehydrated or patchy skin. Using the right oils can also aid in healing acne, by preventing your skin from over producing your body’s natural oils – which can cause more breakouts. Bio-oil is a great product for problem skin. Apply morning and night for best results.

4. Less cake makeup, more natural beauty. (Gasp) Makeup can play a significant role in enhancing our beauty. We use techniques such as,  contouring, and highlighting to cover up and shape our face to perfection. But, what if baking your face became a thing of the past? A few makeup and beauty experts are trailblazing the look of less makeup, more transparent, natural beauty. 5. Healthy makeup. Cosmetic lines like, Glossier are ahead of this trend, by offering products like their Perfecting Skin Tint makeup. This tinted, and sheer makeup evens out discolorations, but does not conceal your natural beauty.

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