How to get The Perfect Fall Glow

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imageFall is definitely one of my favorite seasons the weather is not super-hot nor too cold, the fashion is everything and you can never fail with a popping lip! The Fall is also synonymous for its rich hues that also works well with our makeup looks from the bronzy cheeks to the Bold lipsticks. My favorite trend of them all is the bronzy cheeks, it creates a glow naturally obtained during the summer (with a little help of course) or from good self-health. Here are a few tips to perfect that glow during the Fall months:

1. Moisturize your Skin: You can never fail with moisturizer especially during the fall months when your skin is most likely to experience dryness due to the drop of temperature. This step will keep the skin moist and hydrated during the dry months.
2. Highlight: This has to be the oldest trick to getting that glow! Highlighting is a trick when applying your makeup and want to instantly get your desired look. When highlighting don’t forget to aim for these targeted areas to ensure you are looking your best:the Center of your forehead, the tip/bridge of nose, the top of cheekbones and top of lip.
3. Keep Hydrated: Drink plenty of water and green tea. Together the hydration and the antioxidants will bring life to your skin over time and is also the cure for chapped lips.
4. Proper Removal: Always remove you makeup! Leaving your make up on overnight can cause breakouts and can gradually damage the skin.
5. Scrub Away: Your skin needs a little extra TLC as you transition from summer into fall, Exfoliating sloughs away dead skin and gently revives a dull complexion.

Follow these tips and you will surely be glowing all Fall long. Please see below for items to help you achieve your look.SHOP THIS STORY


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