How to Layer Dresses

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Everything you need to know about how to layer dresses!

IMG_4398I love a great midi or maxi dress! It does wonders for my body shape but as the leaves fall and the temperature drop I find myself in need of layering. Yes Layering! The Fall is about transitioning into the winter and that includes your wardrobe!

When layering your dress always remember you have more than one option. Whether you are layering over or under is the question. When  layering a dress you can throw a sweatshirt over collared dresses, turtlenecks under jumper dresses, and tights under long, sheer styles. In some cases, you can even salvage old dresses that are short, revealing and a bit sexy by layering with tights and a  undershirt.

When layering under always choose a top that it not extra bulky and when layering over make sure your jacket or piece is the proportionate to the dress.

For example, My favorite Vintage dress I decided to layer a off the shoulder top with it so that it still complimented the look and it created a smooth transition from the shoulders. If I am looking to layer over the dress, I could have opted for a nice leather jacket to keep the edge appeal.

Check these amazing woman taking part in this look.



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