The Best Mascara to Get the Longest Lashes Ever

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I use to be the girl who never  wore mascara, lol! I know this sounds funny but I was young and the only thing I paid attention to was eyeshadows and lipsticks,  and no I did not wear mascara, concealer or foundation at the time. I was a mess, fast forward 5-7 years I have mastered my go to makeup look and mascara is the main ingredient. On my off days, when I hate to wear too much makeup I opt for a simple loo with my concealer to hide my dark spots, mineralize power to finish the look, brush up my eyebrows and finally I am overdosing on the mascaras.

I have thick and curly eye lashes and  not all mascaras work for me and over the years, especially lately I have gravitated towards a couple of brands that my makeup guru besties have introduced me too.

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