The Top 4 Makeup Brushes to Upgrade your Look

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We are always chatting about the best makeup techniques from highlighting to contouring but we fail to mention the makeup brushes that help to achieve those looks (and yes they play a major role).

My makeup game has never been the best and I live for YouTube tutorials and makeup guru friends who assist in my latest obsession. So with the new year upon us I want to bless you guys with these tips to help you achieve you looks in the new year.

Blend Brush

Ever tried eyeshadow? Well this will be your best friend (trust when I say this is better than the applicator that comes with your shadows) The slightly tapered shape distributes shadow evenly, hugging perfectly along the crease

Fan Brush

This baby is perfect to create a diffused, natural-looking highlight along the top of the cheekbones, nose, and collarbone.

Foundation Brush

This is different types for every form of foundation but to keep it safe I always use the beauty blender…. it’s easy and it blends instantly!

Kabuki Brush

This is the best for blending and diffusing color.

Also, for the sake of the beginner who have not mastered the brushes check out some amazing brush sets below:

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