How to wear the Suede Fringe Skirt

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Fringe Skirt and Top -Zara

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the mini skirt, however when I saw this matching suede and fringe set at Zara, I was so excited and immediately took my selection to the register. I’ve been searching all over for the perfect suede skirt and now I get to try all in one look. Plus, It was the perfect look for my day at the Brooklyn bridge park.

Suede and Fringe are two major Fall fashion trends many style influencers are wearing. The great thing about suede is that you can style it with absolutely everything in your wardrobe and it will still look amazing. Here are a couple tips on wearing a suede and fringe:

1. Keep It Chic – I could have went all out with my look but opting for a nude sandal paired with my matching set keeps the focus on my ensemble opposed to being all over the place. Or if you are wearing a matching set its best to keep the accessories simple but being simple doesn’t mean boring more like choosing the right key pieces.
2. Pairing with a Jacket- When I wore this look it was still 70 degrees outside but now with the weather gradually decreasing having a nice out wear piece can throw this look on trend to wear for the Fall Season. Leather and Denim out wear pieces could add a much needed edge to any look.
3. Mix Textures – Although my look is matching you could easily pair the skirt with a silk or cotton blouse and it would work perfectly! Since the weather is cooling down, you could even mix in a nice sweater.

Please see below for some great Fringe and Suede items to add to your wardrobe.







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